The story of BrightEyes is the story of Karen Wren, its founder and CEO:


“I know firsthand what it’s like to live in fear every day, to hide from the world and feel like I don’t have a voice. I know what it feels like to be lost and isolated and not have anyone to reach out to for help and guidance through life’s challenges. I know what it’s like to feel invisible, to be invisible. As a child, I was very quiet. I was fearful of relationships and grew up very isolated. I had a family secret that weighed heavily on my shoulders. At home I was made to feel less than adequate every day. I was bullied and told I was stupid.


When you’re told your worthless every day you start to believe it and life soon becomes unbearable.


Teachers and community members would ask if I was alright and I had to say yes.

But the child in me would always hope they would see in my eyes that I needed help.


But no one ever did.


I used to be quiet but now when it comes to speaking up, I will. And through The Bright Eyes Organisation, I want to be what I needed most as a child: a voice for the voiceless. While I don’t have a victim mindset the fact is I was a victim of circumstance. There are many children and young women in the world who are victims of circumstance.


BrightEyes would like to work with organisation’s that may be under resourced and are a good social fit to our charities primary purpose

Whilst a lot of what BrightEyes does is involved in the provision of funding it also seeks to be the “initiator” of and being directly involved in a hands on capacity in delivery of the program outcomes, be it Literacy programs, Foster Care homes, Trauma centers and also as a voice that I will take to the public to garnish support and create even more awareness of this great need.


You see, when a child’s been ‘broken’, the light of hope leaves their eyes.


It’s not until someone who believes in the child showing them life and love, that the light returns.


I learnt long ago I cannot rewind the clock on my childhood.


But with the assistance, care and support of the Bright Eyes board and

the many supporters of my vision, I can begin to make a difference to the children and young women I meet.


Because the Bright Eyes story isn’t really about me.


It’s about the many children and young women who have been or who are victims of abuse and exploitation.


They have a voice and deserve to be seen and heard.


Thank you for your ongoing support. I know together, we can make a difference.”


Karen Wren

Founder & CEO

The BrightEyes Organisation



Phone: +61 419 155 758

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