Literacy program at the House of Joy

The literacy project is to bring an educational light in the lives of girls and women with disadvantaged backgrounds.

The primary focus is on girls and women living in shelter homes all across Mumbai. The mission is to bring functional literacy to their lives, which will be an aid to their livelihood upkeep.


In the duration of the project, we aim to cover three language subjects and focus on functional literacy

  • English



  • Hindi



  • Marathi



  • Mathematics




Opportunities and Learnings

  1. Obtain proficiency in a specific language and in the basics of Mathematics. Eg. English
  2. Aid and assist in securing higher educational qualifications.
  3. Increase in employment opportunities.
  4. Encouragement in individual empowerment and increase in self confidence.
  5. Enhancing communication skills


“Once you learn to read, you will forever be free.”– Frederick Douglass

Project Group Home Care and Support

The Bright Eyes Organisation team is now working ” hands on” in India having visited in Feb 2016 to start the process to help establish a long term support program for these projects in Mumbai The setting up of a group home is another way to support young woman on the road to recovery. A group home enables these young women to live independently and allows them to re connect with the local community and to establish a stable home for them to integrate back into society.


A group home is not just a physical place for a group to stay together, but includes the provision of regular psycho-social care, development of a mutual support group among the residents and appropriate neighborhood individuals and ongoing mentoring.

Project Skilled Hands

The setting up of a Skills development centre provides a place where young woman who need livelihoods can receive intensive training on both vocational skills and life skills.

The role of the skills development centre specifically is:

  • Provide soft skills / life skills to selected survivors.
  • Support identified woman in developing job readiness, including career counselling and planning individually.
  • Interact with employers and identify appropriate trades and training needs.
  • Conduct support of training. Either regular course or special courses.
  • Interact with employers for placement and post placement support.
  • Oversee performance of woman jointly with employers and supervisors

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Project Mumbai $10,000 fundraising program

Our project commenced February 2014 and the challenge was to raise the first $10,000 to establish a dedicated rescue home.


The great news is that with your support, we raised the money creating a safe haven for at least 20 children. The Rescue Home will be a place where the children can be restored emotionally and mentally and have a valuable education program. The Rescue Home will be an environment without fear. The Rescue home will be a place where they can learn how to play again, hear laughter and most importantly learn to trust those around them.


On behalf of the children of the Mumbai Rescue Home I would like to say how much we appreciated your support on this project.

Karen & Team