Karen Wren
Founder & CEO


Karen’s story is one of triumph against all odds. Her childhood and perspective on life were deeply marred by growing up in a very abusive and dysfunctional family. Even though she was a top student, Karen was made to feel less than adequate every day. This made her retreat into a world of self-doubt and isolation.

It was a challenge to live day-to-day. Life had become almost unbearable.

At 14 Karen decided to leave home and school. She was taken in by a loving foster family who believed in her and gave her a reason to live. They showed kindness and provided spiritual and physical support.


Karen returned to school and went on to successfully study Health and Care, Counselling and Human Relationships at college. She eventually turned her life experiences and new studies into life coaching skills. They enabled her to confidently encourage others to build on every opportunity. To show people how to rise above their personal circumstances, no matter how complicated. These skills formed the foundation of her life motto: to inspire others to believe in themselves.

“What I’ve learnt over time is that while believing in yourself is important, working with passionate, dedicated people to build a business, bond a community or help those less fortunate than yourself is one of the greatest feelings you can ever know”.

June Garratt


June has many years’ experience in the business world working as a Secretary/Personal Assistant and has great administrative skills. For the past 30 years, together with her husband David her focus has been involved in counselling and mentoring many women and helped them to find practical solutions to various life issues. June provides great support to the CEO is the Chairperson of the board.

Steve Wren


Steve brings a wealth of business experience to his role as Secretary for The Bright Eyes Organisation. Steve has spent 30 years as a Senior Manager with large Australian Corporate Networks and is an Advisor to numerous SMEs assisting in business development and growth strategies. Steve is passionate and caring with a humorous and engaging personality.

Sade Mason


Sade is an experienced Personal Banker Premium with over 10 years’ experience in the banking industry. Sade was born locally and studied Business Management locally. She brings her solid financial background to the Bright Eyes board in her role as Treasurer.


Sade is passionate about helping others, especially those less fortunate. Being a mother herself, she understands the importance of protecting children and allowing them to mature in a safe environment and that’s why she loves being a part of Karen’s’ The Bright Eyes Organisation.

Dave Garratt
Board Member


David has many years’ experience in Sales and Business Management and has served on various Boards.   He has a degree in Counselling and Psychology. Over the last 30 years David has been involved in counselling and mentoring many young people through various life issues. David is a true leader and provides great support to the Bright Eyes board in many areas and works tirelessly to further to objectives of Bright Eyes.

Amy Borg
Board Member


Amy Borg is a highly experienced business owner used to juggling the many demands of operating in the local marketplace and managing a busy family life.

Amy is a passionate supporter of the core values of The Bright Eyes Organisation and brings her dynamic business aptitude together with her compassion and vitality in her role as a Board member.

Being a mother herself, Amy understands the importance of allowing young lives every opportunity to grow and flourish in a safe and loving environment.

Amy is an asset to the team.

Clare Thompson
Board Member


Clare is a caring and compassionate woman with strong family values and a big heart for those in need.


With over 30 years in retail and 5 years in media and promotions, Clare brings valuable experience to the Bright Eyes team and with her dynamic and infectious personality she is able to network and foster relationships with many people. Clare has a wide field of influence and business contacts.

Jae Tan
Web Developer


Jae is a dedicated and results driven graphic designer and web developer. He brings 7 years of design experience in graphic designer & web development to the table. Jae, owner of TGFX Design studio brings his experience in branding and design together to deliver quality high end designs to a diverse group of businesses in a variety of industries. He can skilfully transform a corporate identity to match its mission and focus.

He has a passion on helping others in third world countries. With his skills as a graphic designer and web developer, he uses these as a way on giving back to these people by improving the Bright Eyes branding and platform.