Trivia Night


The BrightEyes Trivia night 2019 was an outstanding success and people were all asking when is the next one! As they had the best time. Everyone was a winner and good to have so many great raffle prizes to share.


Our Hosts Scott and Sean from Trivia Storm, did a fantastic job of keeping everyone engaged and really having fun. The trivia itself brought out the competitive spirit in many and we had lots of interaction and banter between the tables.


The raffles and silent auctions were very well supported and good financial outcomes for the event overall.

Gala Dinner


The BrightEyes Night of Elegance Gala Dinner 2018 was held at the Brighton International and proved an outstanding fundraising event enjoyed by all. Over 100 people came together to donate and support the great causes of BrightEyes.

Masters BBQ fundraisers 2017


Project Jump for Joy 2014

Our team arrived early, ready to greet our fearless bunch of 7 skydiving thrill seekers! They were all given Brighteyes t shirts to wear and after tucking into some lovely lollies the rush about what they were about to do really kicked in.

The Skydive trainers got the group together to watch a safety video and demonstrate the practical side of the equipment.


As the temperature climbed so did the anticipation. These 7 brave people were about to do a 14,000 ft tandem skydive!


As they boarded the plane , It was amazing to watch their fear about jumping turn to joy and exhilaration after they landed.


As you can see from the attached image they all look glad It was over!

As our jumpers shared their great news on social media we watched likes for Brighteyes on Facebook climb rapidly.


Job done!


Overall the jump was a great opportunity to ‘shine a light’ on the Bright Eyes cause. Everybody on the day understood why we did it and what a great result the money raised was for the children of Mumbai.

Breakfast Club 2014


Back in 2014, BrightEyes participated in the Breakfast Club program and a Literacy initiative undertaken at the St Albans Primary school in Melbourne’s west.

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