These core values bedrocks

every action we take:


Everybody needs to know someone, somewhere, cares they exist.

BrightEyes will always give hope, love and support to those who need it,

especially in their darkest hour.


No one should be left alone in the darkness, we all need a helping hand to lift us up.


We are committed to having a positive effect on the lives of young girls and women in our care. We help them abandon their past, stimulate their potency and overtime turn this confidence into a source of change and inspiration for themselves and other young women in their community.


We will never stop working towards positive, social change. The challenges faced are not barriers, but opportunities to turn conviction into action.


There are no easy answers to ending exploitation. That’s why BrightEyes continually evaluates, listens and challenges its thinking. That way we stay open to new ideas that energize.


 We believe in a better world for all regardless of race, creed or gender.

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