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Turn your kindness into support for abandoned young women and girls recovering from abuse and exploitation.


The Bright Eyes Organisation is supporting an ongoing project at The Ulhasnagar Minor Home in Thane, India.


Ulhasnagar or “House of Joy” in English, will give shelter to girls aged 12 to 18 who’ve been abandoned by their families or community.


Brighteyes will develop an integrated support system for these girls and young women, proudly partnering with Group Stay Homes in plans to deepen the engagement, education levels and skills of these young women and girls.


The approach at The House of Joy is more long-term, focusing on academic education and multi-skilled vocational training. The girls can leave only when they’ve reached 18 and acquired a degree of new skills.


Brighteyes aims to use these programmes to help these young girls rebuild their lives over the next few years. Education is key to this outcome. It’s one of the most important things they can have. It empowers them to move forward with life and realise they can be more.

We need your help to make this happen


By supporting this project, your donation will help create a proper home, a true ‘House of Joy’ where these young girls can reach their full potential through education, counselling, training and being restored, ready to face the world.


What your gift brings to The House of Joy


Thanks to your kindness, your gift will help the House of Joy:

  • Commence vital renovation work to the building
  • Buy all new equipment including computers, sewing machines etc
  • Help provide Counselling, Education, Life Skills, Vocational training, Social workers and trainers
  • Plus supply the first four months’ rent in a Group Stay home for the girls once they leave The House of Joy.


Help make the House of Joy a much-needed reality.